Steph Davis’ new BASE rig

Steph Davis BASE Rig... MY JOB IS RAD.

Around about the early part of June an email hit my inbox asking if I’d be interested in designing the graphics for a new BASE Jumping rig for none-other than Steph Davis. is one of her sponsors and she needed a new canopy… (being an Art Director for a company like Backcountry has it’s perks).

I watch my fair share of BASE videos so I knew right away how our logo would be seen and from what angles (usually- from the ground below- or from someone above her also jumping). I also had a pretty good feel for what the norm was in canopy design and didn’t want to go down that route. Colours get a little tricky- if you stray too far towards white or blue the jumper is going to disappear in the sky when being filmed or photographed.

I initially laid out 12 designs that I ran past Steph and Jonny our Sports Marketing Manager. They both weighed in and we moved to round-two with a few small tweaks here and there and three versions to choose from. Steph may be one of the best clients I’ve dealt with (and is excellent from a sponsor perspective)… she loved the magenta colour but kept suggesting other colours that would better reflect the larger (male dominated) demographic of potential Backcountry customers… but Jonny and I both dug the magenta too.

Steph just shot me an email with photo and video of the maiden voyage in southern Utah, so here you go:

» First video from Steph’s perspective

» Second video from above


Check out Steph’s site HighInfatuation… great posts from her and I’m sure plenty more pictures and videos in the coming year!

I just have to say it again… my job is rad.

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