A quick word about backyards…

Uinta's- or- my backyard is better then your backyard

I will be the first to admit that I have a problem. I have a problem with shunning the quick, daily, or weekend, jaunts outside thinking that I need to do something bigger. It’s a regular conversation in my head, … Dive in »

Something new

AlcyonDesign- site update!

For more then the singular reason of keeping up with the Joneses (which are in limited supply compared to Smith’s here in the Beehive State), it was time this little site got a serious facelift. With the recent loss of … Dive in »

Uredan dizajn hrvatski –or– Neat Croatian Design

I was sifting through my pictures recently from my last trip to Croatia and found some neat logos and type treatments. For the most part, Croatia is a country that lives with a past and a history so deep, it’s Dive in »

The Motherland –or– Travels in Croatia

wandering around Croatia

In 2012 I hopped over to Croatia to visit family I had grown up seeing pictures of, and to visit a country that had an incredible influence on my entire life since I was a young kid. Even as far Dive in »