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Scott Richardson:

Scott Richardsonm Creative and Art Direction, Design, All around nice guy

designer, marketing mastermind; all around nice guy.

Explorer of wilderness, colour, space, sound, environment. Design & Marketing for the bike, outdoor, travel industries.

Through my whole life, art/design and being outside have competed for my time and attention. As I moved into doing design for the outdoor industry I realized I had found my calling (and incidentally my career as well… after insisting for the majority of my adult life I would never have a career I finally had to admit– I actually did). Professionally I have spent 21 years in the Design and Marketing worlds, while subsequently investing 18 years into the Bicycle and Outdoor Industries.

I started in the design world working on a magazine in Southern California back in the days when you warmed up the waxer in the morning for your layout comps, x-acto cut rubylith for masking, and manually figured the scaling and cropping of your images. Around the same time I was building database solutions for a mortgage office and decided to run data-cables between all the computers in the office so they could work off of a single database “server” (everyone thought I was crazy- those days computers didn’t need to talk to each other, the internet was still something only scientists and the government had heard of, we carried pagers to stay in touch with each other, and my hair was almost long enough to hit my waist). I have worked as a designer, web-developer, art director and most recently worked as the Creative Director for where I lead a badass Creative Team of 12 who supported 8 e-commerce websites and any corporate marketing needs.

In the outdoor world I started out selling footwear, and quickly moved to building and repairing bikes and skis. I’ve always had an eye towards merchandising and organization/management, and seem to always end up in those types of roles. A few states and many years later and I have managed stores and service departments of up to 20 people, turned failing shops into profitable businesses through integrated marketing and business planning, wrenched on pro and olympic athletes bikes, been a certified pro-bike fitter, and owned and managed my own shop for 5 years in what has been called the worst economic environment since the great depression. I love the outdoor industry and most of all love the people that have become great friends and family from customers to people I’ve worked with.

While I spend the better part of my days obsessing over color trends, type harmonies, and layout, there is always a cool breeze and the smell of dirt and trees calling me outside. Outside of work I have walked, run, paddled, and pedaled tens of thousands of miles around the Western U.S., Canada, and Australia and Croatia. In 2000 a friend and I organized and pedaled 6 months from the Arctic Ocean down to Southern California pulling our equipment and food on our bikes with us (if i could- I’d still be pedaling around the world…)–
I have no fear of big projects (or sunburns… moose are another story).


My Personal Mission Statement:
Live a balanced, healthy, pro-active, action based lifestyle.

With faith-based decisions for short and long term goals bringing together my active, creative and career lives to support me financially and emotionally; and allow me to explore the world physically and creatively.

Be present, action focused, selfless.