Competitive Cyclist

Client: Competitive Cyclist team clothing design

Competitive Cyclist: Park City, UT based E-Commerce, Cycling Industry

Work: Creative Direction, Art Direction, Design

Summary: From 2010–2014 I worked as an Art Director, and then Creative Director to maintain and grow the premium brand image of Competitive Cyclist when they were acquired by LibertyMedia/ Competitive Cyclist was a specific focus for me as much of my 18 years in the Outdoor Industry revolved around bikes and the Bike Industry. Competitive Cyclist was a particular challenge because the brand is well known and Backcountry faced the daunting task of not damaging the brand after the aquisition. I worked alongside a dedicated group of cyclists in the Merchandising, Content, and Product/Engineering teams to ensure the brand maintained it’s strong Pro aesthetic, while effectively marketing it’s growth and new capabilities within the Backcountry brand.

Highlights include the Competitive Cyclist Pro Cycling Team- which involved full marketing support of the team nation-wide, from clothing, vehicles, web and digital media, print media packets, and event support.

Client: Competitive Cyclist

Client: Competitive Cyclist Vehicle design and evolution

Client: CompetitiveCyclist Team clothing design Photo: Tommy Chandler

Client: Competitive Cyclist web and graphic designThe Bib Tights Buyers Guide in 2014 was the first of a series of premium-content guides to be built for Competitive. Using a dark background to contrast the predominant whites used throughout the site gave a more exclusive feel. This project included Creative Direction, Photo and Model Direction in Studio, Interactive Design.

Client: CompetitiveCyclist Email design and mobile optimization

Client: Competitive Cyclist Tee Shirt Graphics Client: Competitive Cyclist Tee Shirt Graphics

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