Balance001 It’s the word of the month for me (maybe even year… or decade)… needing to figure out how in life to find it. I am the kind of guy that has an idea and can’t see any way to go about it other than jumping in head first. Unfortunately that pool is occasionally empty and I end up landing on my head (yes, still recovering). So I have realized that I need to teach myself how to find balance in my life: I need to balance the creative and active parts of my brain, the business and personal parts of my life, the ‘looking to the future’, and the ‘being in the present’ parts of my life… because right now I don’t. Consciously I haven’t known what I’ve been looking for. But in a conversation via text I had a little bit ago, I was told “Balance is Key”. And it clicked. I didn’t know what it was I have been trying to find this past 6 months… but it made me think about yesterday and I had to do a quick download of pics I took on a trail run last night. Apparently, subconsciously I knew what I needed.

I spent a couple hours yesterday in the hills making this. I don’t know why. I just sat down and started doing it in the middle of a run. It felt really good from a creative and emotional perspective (which was weird- I was thinking I might end up in the near future being one of the homeless guys in Santa Cruz that do this all day- which I have to admit, right now doesn’t sound half bad). But I think I was just desperately trying to tell myself I need to find balance.

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