Client: Salt Lake City, Utah Park City, UT based E-Commerce, Outdoor Industry

Work: Creative Direction, Art Direction, Design

Summary: From 2010–2014 I worked as an Art Director, and then Creative Director to create a consistent brand image that supported the outdoor-roots of while ensuring they were reflected consistently and confidently across all marketing and promotional channels. Our Creative Team fluctuated between 6 and 12 people including Art Directors, Designers, Production Artists and Photographers. We also worked closely across departments in the 1000+ employee company ensuring our messaging met the sales goals of the Merchandising Department, working closely with our Engineering and Product/UX teams, Athlete-Sponsorship and Events Team, while using assets created by a solid Content Department which included a large photo/video studio, field photographers, both product and editorial writers, and our social media team.

Highlights include the logo installation on the roof of the West Valley, Utah distribution center which is the largest installed sign in the state of Utah (and is visible when flying into the SLC Intl Airport and on Google Maps), and working with sponsored-athletes like Steph Davis to create branded equipment- both of which promote the brand in unexpected ways out in the world.

Client: Web and Physical Graphics. Vendor Site Mockup and Steph Davis' BASE Rig Web Graphics and Marketing Support Warehouse Street Level

Client: Web graphics and promotion for Ex Officio Softgoods

Client: Web graphics and promotion for Pinarello and Santa Cruz Bicycles

Client: Web and Physical Graphics. Event booth design

Client: Printed and physical promotional materials. Park City, Utah

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